Frequently asked questions

AIRNIVOL® is an orthodontic treatment composed by transparent aligners to be changed about every two weeks.
You will remove it to eat and have drinks and to brush your teeth. You will be able to wear it on your own. It does not scratch and you will not see it!
At AIRNIVOL® certified dentists’ in your area.
If you give us the name of your dentist, we can contact him and support him with a dedicated course so that he becomes certified and can use AIRNIVOL® in the best way.
There is no minimum or maximum age, your AIRNIVOL® certified dentist will evaluate the feasibility of AIRNIVOL® treatment for your situation.
Your dentist will schedule your appointments. We recommend at least one check a month.
No, it does not hurt. You may feel a slight initial discomfort because the aligner is active and moves the teeth, but each aligner is finished by hand in order to avoid gum scratches or discomforts.
Yes, it can. The important thing is to wear aligners for as long as it is required. Patient cooperation is a prerequisite for the success of every treatment.
Yes, but your dentist will evaluate your specific situation.
No, it is better to remove the aligner to drink hot beverages, they may loosen its adhesion.
No. Smoking with aligners on can compromise their elasticity and stain them.
It is good to avoid chewing gum while wearing the aligners.
Yes, there are no contraindications.
No, although in rare cases you may need a few days to get used to.
With cold running water and a dedicated normal toothbrush.